Bragility Sports Bras

Special Items


 At times I will be offering some extra items

Stock of these may be limited

All of these can be collected at shows, please see the Show page to see which shows we will be attending

Microfibre towels



Large good quality Microfibre towels

140 x 70 cms

Wash at 40 degrees, can be tumble dried

These towels hold up to 8 times more than a standard towel

Use in conjunction with a chamois cloth to remove dirt and wet


PP £2.95 




Forever Living products also available to order.

Please message me for details



Paws Pockets      £10.00

A great training aid with many uses

1. Help your dog gain more drive and motivation
2. Get independent forward movement – Paws Pockets can be thrown or placed
3. Over excited after a run - bring them down to earth and get that brain engaged.
4. Reactive dogs, high on adrenalin after a run – give them something to do, to allow you time to gain control
5. Help to get 'foody' dogs onto a toy
6. Stops the dogs doing a 'victory run' round the course
7. Can be opened out and used as 'targets' at the end of contacts

The Paws Pockets hold a treat inside the three 'petals' which are held together by Velcro.

Initially, show the dog how to retrieve the pocket and gain access to the treat. Start by placing the treat half way up the 'petals'.
Use nice 'smelly, tasty' treats – cheese, sausage, squeezy cheese or pate are all good - the pocket can be washed!

Paws Pockets are soft so can be comfortably carried in your pocket

Paws Pockets are made of sturdy material but they are not designed for tugging games.

Please note colours of stitching and ball may vary due to fabric availability.

Handmade in the UK so they may vary slightly from ball to ball