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Apparently there have been some problems with this website

I have recently learned that people have been sending me messages and orders, however, I have not received them.

I can only apologise, I was not aware of the issue. If I don't reply within 24 hours please message me via the Bragility facebook page

Still trying to sort things out but as usual - they are all blaming each other and problem still not resolved!



2015 Special Winter Offer!

All current stock an extra £10% off, plus free postage. Some sizes limited, so let me know quickly if you need a new bra for the New Years Resolution Health Kick!



June 2014 - article on Agility Net - Why you need a Sports Bra. 



   The best selling Shockabsorbers Multisports Bra is now available in the new colour
 June 2014
 Shockabsorber lightly padded Sports Bra is now available!


 Finally mastered the Marquee!









New Shockabsorber due in June/July

Lightly padded, purple - looks really nice


Shuttleworth and Adams April 2014

First two shows completed! Few teething problems - mainly with the marquee! I am sure practise will make perfect!

Big thankyou to everyone who supported the stand


The lovely Owen Edwards getting into the Christmas spirit at Bitz 'n' Bobz show in December 2013!

Couldn't keep His puppies under control!!!