Bragility Sports Bras



It doesn't matter how good your bra is – if it doesn't fit properly it won't work!

Take the time to measure your self properly – see our "Measuring Chart" for help in this.

There are also plenty of other reasons to keep checking your measurements

During our life time our body/breast shape changes for various reasons – just because you were a 36C ten years ago doesn't mean you are still the same size. Diet, age, time of the month all affect your breast size.

Many women have a significant difference in the size of each breast – always fit to the larger size and then adjust the straps for the smaller breast to get a better fit.

Every brand/style fits differently, check each time you change your brand or style

Breathe naturally when taking measurements

When trying a bra on, do the hooks up on either the middle or smallest hook position – this will allow for 'fat' days and for stretching and loosening of the fabric as the bra ages.

Lean forward to allow breasts to fall naturally into place.

The cup should completely encase the breast

Lift your arms and stretch shoulders and arms forwards and backwards to ensure comfort – the bra shouldn't move if it is the correct size

The most common error when buying a bra is having the underband size too large. The underband gives between 80% and 90% of support with the rest of the support for the breasts coming from the straps


Other common faults

The wire stands away from the ribcage or digs under the arms – larger cup size needed

Breasts bulge over the cup or under the arms – larger cup size needed

Wrinkling on the cups, or space at sides and top – smaller cup size

Lift the arms – if cups lift away from the body try a smaller back size and/or larger cup size

Straps digging in – underband may not be giving enough support – try a smaller back size

Measuring Chart