Bragility Sports Bras



There are no muscles in the breasts, just Cooper's Ligaments. These can stretch like elastic bands - but like elastic bands - when they have stretched  they loose their elasticity and refuse to spring back any more. Wearing a good sports bra will help protect long term damage to these ligaments. A good fitting bra helps with your posture. Bad posture can aggravate or even cause back, shoulder and neck pain. Good posture also helps to alleviate symptoms like asthma that cause breathing problems.

 A correctly fitting bra can visibly reduce your waistline by 5lbs!!

Improved posture makes such a difference to so many things!

Too much 'bounce' in the breasts when exercising can be very painful!

 A normal bra reduces bounce by about 38% compared to wearing no bra  but by wearing a good sports bra you can reduce this even further to between 74% and 78%

The average movement in the breasts when running is 9cms!

Ranging from 4cms in an A cup up to 14cms for a G cup (1.5 to 5.5 inches)

Wide straps, a broad underband and soft, seam free inner linings prevent chaffing and give protection to key pressure points on the body. High performance fabrics help prevent sweat rashes

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